Practitioner: Apply The Discipline

In Step 4, continue advancing your business architecture career by expanding your knowledge, abilities and experiences, which will allow you to become a trusted advisor and address increasingly strategic, large and complex business challenges and opportunities. Consider that success in the business architect role is not just in what you do, but in how you perform the role. Begin leveraging your role as a business architect to lead and influence your organization and sphere of influence on topics that matter such as a vision for effective design, expansion into business ecosystems, sustainability or other relevant opportunities.

4 Advance Knowledge & Application

Performing and Evolving the Role

Advanced Topics for Leadership

Other Resources and Activities

5 Stay Aligned With Industry

In Step 5, keep your knowledge and experience current by staying up to date with the global advancements and trends in the business architecture discipline.

Other Resources and Activities

6 Consider Career Path Options

Once you’ve worked in a business architect role for a while, it opens many different opportunities for you. In Step 6, explore advanced business architecture career path options and other relevant ones as well.

Other Resources and Activities

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