Biz Arch Mastery is your place to master the art and science of business architecture for robust organizations, ecosystems, and a better world.

Meet Your Tribe: Biz Arch Mastery Is for the Three-Ps

If you are a business architecture practitioner or are in the process of becoming one, if you are establishing and maturing a business architecture practice within your organization, or if you are a business architecture partner and just want to learn more about the discipline, then Biz Arch Mastery is for you. Welcome to your tribe.

What Is Biz Arch Mastery?

Biz Arch Mastery is a dedicated online platform offering coaching and resources to simplify business architecture and facilitate its practical usage. That means we go beyond just business architecture-specific resources and competencies to focus on a broad spectrum of knowledge, skills and perspectives necessary to thrive in the role and discipline, including those related to communication and visualization, strategic thinking, leadership, personal development, related techniques and disciplines, broader world topics and trends, and much more.

In the complex and vast world of business architecture, Biz Arch Mastery is about simplified interpretation, new thought leadership and practical application – supported by coaching, content, tools, accelerators, and community.

Why Biz Arch Mastery?

Biz Arch Mastery exists to make your life easier and accelerate your practice of business architecture. That’s our mission. Why? Because the sooner you can get up to speed and the more you can succeed in your role, the greater difference you can make – for more robust organizations, ecosystems and a better world – and experience your own personal transformation along the way. 

The secret of business architecture is that it’s about so much more than the business architecture itself as a collection of views of an organization. What we try to do in our roles as business architects, leaders and change agents is focused on a much bigger picture related to shifts in mindset and behavior, and business architecture is simply an enabler. Business architecture and business architects provide the big picture (in a common language, for a broader scope of focus, and with a longer-term perspective) and bridge silos – to facilitate effective strategy execution, decision-making and design of organizations and ecosystems.

The amazing people who work as business architecture practitioners, practice leaders and partners were not drawn to business architecture to build a knowledgebase – but rather they were compelled by a higher purpose and ability to make a real difference. Modeling an organization and its ecosystem is not hard. Change is hard. If Biz Arch Mastery can accelerate and enhance your journey, then you can spend your time doing the real work.

We are all bonded by our vision and commitment to something greater than ourselves for the benefit of our organizations and societies. So, the why of Biz Arch Mastery is you and the exponential impact and influence you will create leveraging business architecture. 

What Biz Arch Mastery Is Not.

Let’s be clear. The BIZBOK® Guide is the global business architecture body of knowledge. It’s the source. The Business Architecture Guild® is the global industry not-for-profit professional association for business architecture and home of key programs related to certification, training accreditation, standards, the vendor program, the academic program and much more.

You will quickly find that the BIZBOK® Guide is the foundation upon which we build. We recommend that you become a member of the Business Architecture Guild® and make the BIZBOK® Guide your foundation too – so that we all have a shared base of knowledge which will allow us to do much more together and much faster.

Where the BIZBOK® Guide and Business Architecture Guild® are the base source of business architecture knowledge and programs to formalize the discipline, Biz Arch Mastery is the place for simplified interpretation, new thought leadership and practical application, supported by coaching, content, tools and accelerators. Where the BIZBOK® Guide and Business Architecture Guild® are rightly focused on business architecture, Biz Arch Mastery is the place for all that it takes to successfully practice and leverage business architecture – including business architecture and beyond. For example, here we focus on other knowledge and skills such as those related to communication, visualization, thinking, leadership, broader topics and trends, and much more.

By the way, if you leverage approaches and methods other than the BIZBOK® Guide, that’s quite alright. We believe in the power of a common frame of reference and what it can do to bring us together, but we also see shades of gray and work very hard to keep an open and balanced perspective. We have many partnerships and interactions with different organizations and people across the globe, so while we try our best to harmonize and reflect diversity of perspectives in our content, we are ready to listen, learn and collaborate.

Let’s Go On A Journey

While the resources and programs offered through Biz Arch Mastery are continually expanding, the best part is that we get to co-create the journey together. Biz Arch Mastery may start out as your go-to place for resources, but over time, collectively, it will become our tribe's place as co-creators of a discipline that is greater than the sum of its parts. Come with us on this journey and let’s start a movement for the benefit of our organizations — and the world.

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