Learning Pathway: Partner

First, thank you for being here and for being a partner who is actively engaged and cares about business architecture. You might be a business leader, strategist, planner or risk manager looking to gain some insights on business architecture so that you can use it to inform decisions or increase the effectiveness of your organization. Or, perhaps you are a leader or practitioner in a related discipline such as human-centered design, organizational change management, business process or business analysis who is seeking to integrate into your organization’s business architecture and work closely with the business architecture practitioners.

On first blush, business architecture can seem a bit complicated, but it is intentionally created at a high level of detail and quite simple once you get the hang of it. We will try to get you over the learning curve as quickly as possible because ultimately business architecture is about delivering real business value and outcomes for you.

The Partner Learning Pathways is intended to provide you with just enough information on the business architecture discipline and its usage to help you understand and leverage it effectively – without going into too much of the details that a business architecture leader or practitioner would need. It consists of three simple steps. Steps 1 and 2 help you to learn the key concepts of business architecture and see it in action, within a relevant context for you. Step 3 is where you start leveraging business architecture and working with business architecture practitioners to achieve real business value.


Let's roll: Learn The Value