Partner: Learn The Value

In Step 1, gain an overall understanding of the why, what and how of business architecture as well as how it fits within a broader context.

In Step 2, delve further to explore the potential value and usage scenarios for business architecture as well as see how other organizations are leveraging it. The resources are grouped by usage scenarios and related disciplines to help you quickly locate content that applies to you.

1 Learn

Other Resources and Activities

2 See It In Action

Key Resources

To see business architecture in action with content that is most applicable for your scope of responsibility and role, please visit our Library section, and use the category filter set to Usage to find business architecture usage scenarios. Use the Alignment category for a list of related disciplines. Browse the specific topics of interest to you.

Other Resources and Activities

Browse the presentations from previous Business Architecture Innovation Summits shared by other organizations demonstrating how they have leveraged business architecture for value. (See Business Architecture Guild® Public Resources page.) 


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