Practitioner: Master & Give Back

In Step 7, work with other practitioners to architect across organizational boundaries and join your tribe to share learnings and collaborate to advance the discipline.

7 Collaborate

  • StraightTalk No. 53 – Ecosystem Is The New Organization: How Business Architecture #Capabilities and #ValueStreams Can Connect Everything

Other Resources and Activities

8 Give Back

In Step 8, pay it forward or give back by mentoring and assisting other business architecture professionals as well as Architecting For Good (A4G) with non–profit organizations, small businesses and social initiatives.

  • StraightTalk No. 17 – Architect the World, Part 1 — Business Architecture For Startups & Small Business
  • StraightTalk No. 18 – Architect the World, Part 2 — Business Architecture For Non-Profit Organizations
  • StraightTalk No. 69 – A Pathway To The Future For All: How Business Architecture Can Help Us Achieve Sustainable Development Goals

Other Resources and Activities


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