Practice: Establish The Foundation

In Step 4, the minimum baseline business architecture is developed for the scope of the entire organization and its ecosystem. This includes a capability map based on defined business information concepts, a set of key-value streams and a value stream/capability cross-mapping.

In Step 7, the initial business architecture team is formally established and key aspects of practice infrastructure are put into place such as a charter, engagement model and practice advancement roadmap.

4 Build The Baseline

Other Resources And Activities

  • Refer to the BIZBOK® Guide and business architecture Recorded Webinars as applicable
  • Leverage the Business Architecture Downloadable Reference Models from the Business Architecture Guild® (see Business Architecture Guild® Store)
  • Leverage the Business Architecture Tool Evaluator® from the Business Architecture Guild® (see Business Architecture Guild® Store)
  • Join Biz Arch Mastery's Inner Circle program for ongoing coaching and community interaction, tailored for you. Learn more on the Join page and watch the brief introduction video for an overview.
  • Get some help establishing your business architecture baseline with the Business Architecture Knowledgebase Jumpstart service offering and get some additional help on the journey with the Business Architecture Advisory Services service offering 

7 Establish The Practice Foundation

Other Resources And Activities


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