Architecting for Good: Making a Social Impact


19 September 2021


19 September 2021

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Episode Description

In this recorded episode of The North Star podcast, William Ulrich interviews Whynde Kuehn and they discuss ways in which formal business disciplines can be applied to maximize the ability of mission-driven organizations to contribute more effectively to the global good. 

Architecture disciplines in general, and business architecture in particular, tend to be viewed as only applying to large, private and public sector institutions as opposed to non-profits, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), social entrepreneurs, and other organizations seeking to make a social impact. While approaches vary based on the organization involved and its corresponding mission, architecture delivers value to organizations seeking to directly or indirectly contribute to the social good. Non-profits, NGOs, and other organizations seeking to improve people’s lives and the environment in which they live face many of the challenges shared by the private sector and government. While mission-driven versus profit-driven, organizations seeking to make a difference in the world nevertheless face a wide variety of opportunities and challenges that must be addressed.

The discussion focuses on the need for architecture in mission-driven organizations, how approaches differ for mission-driven versus profit-driven organizations, examples of architecting for good in practice, and how qualified and inclined individuals can contribute in positive ways to architecting for good.