Startups and Small Businesses

What Startups Can Learn From Big Company Challenges

What advice would you give to your younger self? This is as true for startups as it is for humans. This article, published by Whynde Kuehn in Grit Daily, describes how startups can not only embody great leadership, but also great structures for the organization grow and evolve and foster the right mindset.

Architecting for Good: Making a Social Impact

In this recorded episode of The North Star podcast, William Ulrich interviews Whynde Kuehn and they discuss ways in which formal business disciplines can be applied to maximize the ability of mission-driven organizations to contribute more effectively to the global good.
Table showing business model actions and the role of business archtitects

Business Model Actions And The Role Of Business Architects

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Business Models Through the Business Architecture Looking Glass – Creating and Using Business Models from a Business Architecture Perspective

This installment of StraightTalk is a business architecture take on business models, which explores what it means to leverage business models using a business architecture mindset as well as the role and value of business architects in creating and using business models.
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Business Architecture For Non-Profits and Smaller Organizations (SlideShare)

An overview of how business architecture applies to non-profit and smaller organizations, including a supporting case study.
Venn diagram showing how business architecture helps organizations of all sizes

How Business Architecture Can Benefit All Sizes of Organization

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Quadrant diagram showing profit, non-profit, traditional and social initiative sectors

Business Is Evolving: The Coexistence Of Purpose & Profit

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Architecting For Good

Learn ways to leverage business architecture to give back and help organizations operate with purpose and sustainability.
Block digram representing high and low value for business architecture based on size of organization

Business Architecture Need By Organization Size & Type

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Architect the World, Part 1 — Business Architecture For Startups & Small Business

In this installment of StraightTalk, we’re going to look at using business architecture for startups and small businesses. Let’s go.
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