Consultants Saying Things About Business Architecture

In this episode, the Consultants Saying Things cast (Chris Lockhart, Phil Yanov, Oliver Cronk, and Whynde Kuehn), unpack business architecture including:
- What the heck IS Business Architecture anyway?
- How is it practiced? What are the methods and frameworks?
- What benefits does it provide? Who in the company should care?
- What are good examples of Business Architecture practice? What are bad ones?
- How does Business Architecture relate to Enterprise Architecture?
- How can you, yes YOU, get started in Business Architecture either as an employee in a company or as a consultant?
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diagram showing Strategy-to-Execution Related Team Involvement

Strategy To Execution & Related Team Involvement

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The Strategy Execution Metanoia: A New Approach for Translating Strategy Into Action With Business Architecture

In today’s highly competitive business environment where constant change is the new normal, the imperative for unified business direction has never been more important. Yet all-too-many enterprises have siloed business practices. These isolated business units, product lines, or other organizational constructs hamstring strategic execution that in turn leads to sub-optimal customer experiences, expensive redundancy, increased time to market and reduced competitiveness. What if strategy execution were approached from an enterprise perspective instead of in silos? This essential white paper explores business architecture as a means to integrated business direction that is collectively architected, prioritized and planned from a business-driven, top-down approach. Original Publish Date: 30 April 2017

The Value of Business Architecture: New Mindset, New Results

The need for business architecture has never been greater than it is now. Most organizations have evolved to become tremendously complex structures, which are now colliding with a world where constant change is the new normal. This in-depth, essential white paper explores how business architecture is essential for simplifying organizations and enabling a more effective approach to executing business direction. Original Publish Date: 31 March 2017 Revised: 12 March 2018

Business Architecture Leader Voices: BIL-T Conference

This is a special compilation of talks delivered by business architecture leaders during the BIL-T Business Architecture Today and Tomorrow conference held on 26 May 2022.

A Comprehensive Approach to Strategy Execution

This white paper starts with a landmark Harvard Business Review article by Kaplan and Norton to revisit some important ideas in the history of strategy execution, shines a light on those ideas, and extends and reshapes them for the future with a stronger orientation around business architecture.

Strategy Execution In A Changing World

This article, published by Whynde Kuehn in TalkMarkets, describes how organizations can build agility, resilience, and adaptability through better strategy execution, powered by business architecture.

How to Turn Strategy into Reality

To survive and thrive, organizations must do change well. This article, published by Whynde Kuehn in Grit Daily, describes the key components of effective strategy execution.

Strategy Execution: An Incomplete Component of Business Education

The MBA Roundtable and the Business Architecture Guild® developed a short survey designed to better understand how strategy execution is taught in business graduate programs.  This whitepaper by Dr. Brian Cameron and Whynde Kuehn discusses the findings and recommended next steps.
bar chart showing distribution of business architecture usage

Survey: Business Architecture Usage Scenarios 

Download the graphic below titled Survey: Business Architecture Usage Scenarios  in PDF or PNG format.
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