Consultants Saying Things About Business Architecture

In this episode, the Consultants Saying Things cast (Chris Lockhart, Phil Yanov, Oliver Cronk, and Whynde Kuehn), unpack business architecture including:
- What the heck IS Business Architecture anyway?
- How is it practiced? What are the methods and frameworks?
- What benefits does it provide? Who in the company should care?
- What are good examples of Business Architecture practice? What are bad ones?
- How does Business Architecture relate to Enterprise Architecture?
- How can you, yes YOU, get started in Business Architecture either as an employee in a company or as a consultant?
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diagram showing Strategy-to-Execution Related Team Involvement

Strategy To Execution & Related Team Involvement

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The Strategy Execution Metanoia: A New Approach for Translating Strategy Into Action With Business Architecture

In today’s highly competitive business environment where constant change is the new normal, the imperative for unified business direction has never been more important. Yet all-too-many enterprises have siloed business practices. These isolated business units, product lines, or other organizational constructs hamstring strategic execution that in turn leads to sub-optimal customer experiences, expensive redundancy, increased time to market and reduced competitiveness. What if strategy execution were approached from an enterprise perspective instead of in silos? This essential white paper explores business architecture as a means to integrated business direction that is collectively architected, prioritized and planned from a business-driven, top-down approach. Original Publish Date: 30 April 2017

The Value of Business Architecture: New Mindset, New Results

The need for business architecture has never been greater than it is now. Most organizations have evolved to become tremendously complex structures, which are now colliding with a world where constant change is the new normal. This in-depth, essential white paper explores how business architecture is essential for simplifying organizations and enabling a more effective approach to executing business direction. Original Publish Date: 31 March 2017 Revised: 12 March 2018

How Business Architecture Supports the Digital Transformation Manifesto

The Institute for Digital Transformation’s Digital Transformation Manifesto defines eight tenets that organizations should adopt in order to realize sustained success in driving digital transformation. In this article, Institute Fellow Whynde Kuehn describes how organizations can incorporate these tenets into new ways of thinking and working, enabled by the discipline of business architecture.
Pie chart showing business architecture leveraged for Sustainabillity

Survey: Business Architecture and Sustainability 

Download the graphic titled Survey: Business Architecture and Sustainability in PDF or JPEG format.
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Episode 2: Business Architecture Meets Sustainability: Mastering Sustainability Reporting

This webinar, hosted and facilitated by Daniel Simon of Across and Ahead, features Business Architecture expert Whynde Kuehn and Sustainability expert Daniel Obst in a conversation on how organizations can leverage business architecture to enhance and accelerate their sustainability efforts.

This is the second in a series of conversations and is focused on Sustainability Reporting.
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Consultants Saying Things About the Book Strategy to Reality

This special installment of the Consultants Saying Things podcast unboxes the book Strategy to Reality and cast members ask their questions to author Whynde Kuehn and discuss the ideas within the book and Whynde’s journey of writing it.
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How Business Architecture Enables Better Digital Transformations

Streamed to a live audience, Eric Kimberling interviews Strategy to Reality author Whynde Kuehn on how business architecture can help facilitate successful digital transformations with an intense focus on multiple organizational dimensions, including people, process, technology, and strategy.
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Digital Dialog - Strategy to Reality for Digital Enterprises

Whether an organization is already a digital enterprise or on the transformation journey to become one, leaders need the ability to understand where the organization is, where it is going, and how it will get there. This Digital Dialogue, hosted by Institute Fellow Whynde Kuehn, explores how business architecture underpins successful digital enterprises and transformations, based on her book Strategy to Reality. Digital Leaders, Mark Johnson and Robert Field serve as expert panel members to explore how organizations can foster continuous end-to-end execution of strategies and transformations, agile organization design, and new mindsets and ways of working.
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