Survey: Common Pain Points Experienced Within Business Architecture Practices


November 8, 2020


January 6, 2021

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Here are a few takeaways from the valuable survey comments that were shared: 

  • Some of the top reasons for buy-in challenges included the ability to articulate and demonstrate the business architecture value proposition quickly enough as well as inconsistency among practitioners and conflicting/unsupportive articles shared publicly. Challenges with being perceived as “IT” as well as challenges with communication and visualization also contributed to difficulty in obtaining buy-in.
  • Related to the integration challenges, SAFe and agile approaches were cited most frequently, particularly because they are perceived to have more concrete value while the role of business architecture within these approaches is not as clear and can sometimes appear to slow things down. Other areas highlighted included IT, the operating model, strategy, business analysis and external consultants.
  • In several cases, participants cited that other teams (and consultants) sometimes perceive business architecture as having the potential to take away power and influence, especially when the discipline is positioned strategically.

While not necessarily easy to address, a clear understanding of these challenges can guide us on how to focus as individuals, as business architecture teams, and as a global community. Continually demonstrating value, building bridges and strong partnerships, and helping to lift each other up are keys to success for us all.

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