Gantt-style diagram showing levels of business architecture involvement relative to enterprise strategy to execution

Strategy To Execution & Related Team Involvement

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Breaking Down Business Architecture: 5 Things to Know

This ​​​​​​​article lays out the top five foundational things you need to know about business architecture.

Overcoming Cognitive Dissonance: Crucial Business Architecture Topics for Bridge Building

There are topics that can make us scratch our business architecture heads. This installment of StraightTalk explores a few of them with the intent of creating clarity and understanding so that we can come together and move forward.
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Bridging Silos With Business Architecture

Business architecture is many different things, capable of delivering many different value propositions to an organization. It is a shared enterprise business language and mental model; a macro business lens for analyzing investments, risks, opportunities, and more; a key component of end-to-end strategy execution; and an important mechanism to bridge and break down silos. Certainly, silos can be necessary for organizations to operate; however, silos can be detrimental to an organization’s success. This article explores the challenges with organizational silos and how business architecture is uniquely qualified to address them.
Table showing business model actions and the role of business archtitects

Business Model Actions And The Role Of Business Architects

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Business Models Through the Business Architecture Looking Glass – Creating and Using Business Models from a Business Architecture Perspective

This installment of StraightTalk is a business architecture take on business models, which explores what it means to leverage business models using a business architecture mindset as well as the role and value of business architects in creating and using business models.
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The FABAQ Redux, Part 3 – FAQs on the Business Architecture Practice and Role

Frequently Asked Business Architecture Questions (FABAQ) are all about providing answers to the burning questions about business architecture. This installment focuses on questions related the business architecture practice and role.
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Pie shaped chart showing qualities of business architects

What Makes Business Architects Unique

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Diagram showing competencies for business architects

Key Competencies For Business Architects

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Business Architecture Trends, Predictions and Recommendations Webinar

A complimentary webinar from business architecture industry experts Whynde Kuehn and William Ulrich which explores current trends and future predictions for business architecture, including business usage scenarios, the role of ecosystems, the future of the practitioner role and more. It outlines the ubiquitous nature of business architecture at the upper end of the maturity scale and the increasing range of value business architecture will deliver in the long-term. Webinar provided by Business Architecture Associates.
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