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There are three options available when you join Biz Arch Mastery.

Just starting out? The Basic (free) plan gets you going in the right direction whether you are a business architecture practitioner, business architecture practice leader, or other professional who wants to learn more about the discipline and its usage. This option is open to anyone, anytime.

Business architecture practitioners and practice leaders who are looking to accelerate and advance their careers and mature their organization’s internal business architecture practices will appreciate the immersive and practical opportunities that are available when you enroll in either the Inner Circle or Tribe Leader plan. Both of these plans offer a special, tailored experience that includes group coaching so that you can leverage the collective power of community as well as learn from a leading expert. The Tribe Leader tier includes personalized, individual coaching in addition to the group coaching.

Inner Circle and Tribe Leader Enrollment is Open

We can’t wait to start the journey with the next cohort. We will accept people into the program on a first-come-first-served basis. If you are ready to take the next step, please join either the Inner Circle or Tribe Leader plans, as described below and complete your registration. You will receive a welcome message along with instructions on how to begin.

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  • Learning Pathways

  • StraightTalk professional blog and in-depth resources

  • Image library

  • Access to all free resources

  • FABAQ (Frequently Asked Business Architecture Questions)

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You save $189 when billed annually 

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 Learn through in-depth programs with group coaching and community building.

Everything included in Basic tier plus...

  • Free access to all premium resources

  • Monthly small group coaching, including 1-hour of instructional coaching and 1 hour of group Q&A with problem-solving exercises

  • TribeTalkTM (online collaboration platform for in-depth Q&A and discussion)

$99/month when billed monthly

Tribe Leader



you save $389 when billed annually

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Accelerate your learning with individualized programs and coaching. 

Everything included in Inner Circle and Basic tiers plus...

  • 1-on-1 individual coaching 1 hour every other month (6x per year)

  • Personal expert access (priority access for quick questions)

  • Annual advisory session or presentation to your executives or team advisory session or presentation

$199/month when billed monthly


Which advanced tier is right for me – Inner Circle or Tribe Leader?

Inner Circle is for you if…

You want to focus on the application and practicality of business architecture.

If you know the business architecture theory or are learning it, the Biz Arch Mastery Inner Circle is where you can learn it better and apply it for results. We focus on practical approaches for building and using business architecture for value as well as creating successful internal business architecture practices. We go deep and put the learning in a real-world context, continually sharing new ideas, techniques, approaches, and tools.

You want someone to care about your success and guide you through the process.

Part of the challenge with business architecture is figuring out where to start and how to navigate all of the different perspectives, information, and resources that are available. Inner Circle gives you a personal guide through the process so that you can learn and acquire just what you need one step at a time, when you need it, completely tailored to your unique goals and situation. 

You want to learn in community and build your tribe.

Inner Circle allows you to leverage the collective wisdom and power of community. You get to build your own tribe of confidants and collaborators, who you will learn and share with during the program and if you choose, throughout your career. Inner Circle cohorts are thoughtfully formed to create a compatible and diverse group of high-caliber colleagues, who are all serious about their business architecture career and success.

You are looking for a cost-effective solution to start or advance your business architecture career.

The goal is to give you so much value that you feel like you got way more than you paid for. Inner Circle is a good option if you can’t invest in more expensive options right now, but it is also a perfect complement to other options like formal training. And, you get an entire year of learning, assistance, and support from a global expert and your new tribe.

Tribe Leaders is for you if you want all the benefits of Inner Circle AND…

You want personalized, individual coaching.

Biz Arch Mastery Tribe Leaders gives you that extra special personal touch. In addition to the group coaching, you also get individual coaching focused on your specific organization and career situation. Get all of your questions answered, get help with that problem you are trying to solve, learn some new ideas for how to leverage or socialize business architecture in that certain situation, and much more. You establish your goals for our time together and we create a learning plan to help you achieve them. Or, you can simply use Tribe Leaders as a way to have your own very personal guide to help you navigate and accelerate your business architecture journey.

Whynde Kuehn, Founder and Managing Director of S2E Transformation Inc. announces the launch of two unique coaching programs – Inner Circle and Tribe Leader – for business architecture practitioners and practice leaders.

Who leads the Inner Circle and Tribe Leader programs?

The Inner Circle and Tribe Leader Biz Arch Mastery programs are led by global business architecture expert Whynde Kuehn. In addition, every other month we have an expert guest join us for an exclusive conversation to help you further enrich your learning and perspectives.

Whynde is a long-time business architecture pioneer, practitioner, educator, author, and recognized global thought leader. Having shaped and practiced the discipline across six continents from about every possible angle from corporation transformation to start ups to the establishment of successful practices within organizations, Whynde provides a wealth of deep knowledge, hands-on experience and best practices with business architecture. She brings a strong business perspective, has an ability to simplify complex concepts in her usual straight-talk style, and provides practical, real-world guidance.

Whynde is the Founder and Managing Director of S2E Transformation Inc., a Co-Founder and Partner of Business Architecture Associates, a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium, and a Fellow with the Institute for Digital Transformation. She is also Co-founder, Board Member, Editorial Board Chair, and Academic Chair of the Business Architecture Guild®.  

Whynde has extensive experience in enterprise transformation and planning and was a key architect and leader in one of the largest business transformations in the world. She also led one of the largest business architecture consulting practices. Whynde is known for helping clients build their own business architecture practices and mentoring those practices towards maturity and success.

Leveraging her foundation of architecture, systems thinking and formal education in sustainability, Whynde focuses on architecting ecosystems that unlock new value and innovation, enabling thriving and sustainable societies. She is also passionate about applying solid business approaches and technology to enable non-profits, social enterprises, and cross-sector social initiatives to achieve their missions, with a focus on Africa and emerging nations.

What do cohort participants say about the programs?

Here are some endorsements from Inner Circle and Tribe Leader participants:   

“I got promoted! Even the short amount of time I’ve spent in your cohort has helped elevate my thinking and what I’m able to bring to the business architecture community here at [company]. Thank you!”

“I love the interaction between the team and the sharing of ideas. Being able to learn from Whynde, have the ability to ask questions, discuss a variety of options in the application of business architecture techniques, and the ability to share experiences is so valuable – both to my personal growth as a business architect – but also to the development of the practice within my organization.”

"Delighted to be part of Cohort 1. [It's] already a game changer.  Thank you, Whynde for your ongoing community shaping and for this special coaching offering to bring this practice forward, globally!”

“I just have to say I am loving this new adventure you created for us. I’ve already let my leaders know how much I’m gaining from this group and emphasized putting another peer of mine through your next cohort. The small group conversations are invaluable!  …it feels like we tend to be on the same trajectory but bring a good wide range of experiences with enough thought difference to help support each other.  This is exactly what I was hoping to gain from this experience.”

"I highly recommend this program. I have joined as a tribe leader and have enjoyed the business architecture content and exercises.”

"Thank you for providing these cohorts as learning forums. They are invaluable opportunities to access super high caliber content, dialog and guests to gain knowledge."

“We all learn in different ways, but none of us learn well in a vacuum. I joined the Inner Circle this year to boost my learning overall around business architecture, but I'm getting so much more than I expected. I'm in a small group with colleagues at all levels of business architecture experience in multiple industries. We each bring something valuable to the discussion and have the ability to check our thought process against one another (and Whynde). There is rich, robust collaboration and access to material and people that I wouldn't find elsewhere, while I engage with people I'll have as respected colleagues for the rest of my career. So, if you're looking for a good investment for training, you should really take a look at what Whynde Kuehn is offering here. It's unusual and delivers a solid punch!”

“What an incredible initiative, may this drive the adoption of business architecture across the globe.”

“You really are taking the discipline to a new level, so kudos from me as a grateful practitioner.”

What is the difference between free and premium resources?

Regardless of which tier is right for your needs, you will have access to a wealth of high-quality, unique, and valuable resources that are continually growing.

Free resources on Biz Arch Mastery include learning pathways, FABAQs, and podcasts. It also includes articles, videos, and webinars that are designated as free. With a free sign up in the Basic tier, you can also access StraightTalk and the extensive downloadable image library.

Premium resources on Biz Arch Mastery include primary research reports as well as videos, webinars, eBooks, tools, and other resources that are designated as premium. Premium resources are available free to Inner Circle and Tribe Leaders, including the innovative business architecture strengths study research package.

When you are logged in to Biz Arch Mastery, your resource access will be clear and easy to manage based on the tier you have joined.

How do Biz Arch Mastery services compare to formal training and other memberships?

Biz Arch Mastery services are many things, but are not the following:

  • Formal business architecture training or certification – While you will learn a tremendous amount from the available resources and group coaching through Biz Arch Mastery, they are not a substitute for formal, detailed training that teaches the BIZBOK® Guide from end-to-end. Learn more about BAA. Learn more about the Guild Certified Business Architect® certification program.
  • Business Architecture Guild® membership or the business architecture body of knowledge (BIZBOK® Guide) – While our base approach and thinking are underpinned by the BIZBOK® Guide (though we focus more expansively), Biz Arch Mastery is not the Guild. Become a Guild member here.

Formal training and Guild membership are cornerstones of business architecture career development – and you should pursue each. Biz Arch Mastery is an ideal and unique complement to formal training and Guild membership that enables you to maximize your learning experience and take your business architecture career and internal business architecture practice to the next level.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes. To upgrade your level of engagement with Biz Arch Mastery, simply purchase a higher tier.

For example, if you initially joined at the Basic (free) level and you wish to become a paid subscriber as an Inner Circle participant, simply click Inner Circle "Add to Cart" and complete your transaction. The same process works for upgrading from Inner Circle to Tribe Leader. You do not have to cancel your previous plan. The Biz Arch Mastery system will "automagically" refund you any unused portion from your previous plan and charge you accordingly for the upgrade to a higher plan. You should see two transactions on your credit card billing statement: one for the partial refund and one for the new plan purchase. 

Can I downgrade or cancel my plan?

Yes. If you wish to downgrade your level of participation, simply purchase a lower tier. For example, if you joined at the Tribe Leader level and wish to participate at the Inner Circle level, simply click Inner Circle "Add to Cart" and complete your transaction. You do not have to cancel your previous plan. The Biz Arch Mastery system will refund you "automagically" the unused portion of your previous subscription and will adjust your charges moving forward.

We hope you won't cancel your subscription, but if you need to for any reason, you can do so by clicking the My Account link and clicking the Subscription tab. From here, simply press the Cancel button for your current subscription. You will see the status change from Active to Canceled. You will also receive an email to confirm your canceled subscription. The unused portion of your subscription will be refunded to your credit card.