Sustainability & SDGs

Business Architecture Meets Sustainability

This webinar, hosted and facilitated by Daniel Simon of Across and Ahead, features Business Architecture expert Whynde Kuehn and Sustainability expert Daniel Obst in a conversation on how organizations can leverage business architecture to enhance and accelerate their sustainability efforts.

Are you a sustainability practitioner looking for approaches to help you frame discussions on sustainability in your organization in a structured and comprehensive way? Are you a business architect or enterprise architect wondering how you may help accelerate and enhance the sustainability of your organization? Then this video conversation will be of interest to you.

Here are some of the key questions addressed in the discussion:
- How do organizations currently deal with sustainability topics? What is the current state of practice?
- Why may business architecture be a suitable practice to help deal with sustainability?
- How may business architecture be leveraged to address sustainability aspects?
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Business Architecture: Answering the Call to Achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals Webinar

People from all perspectives and sectors — far beyond the realm of governments and nonprofit organizations — recognize the urgency of achieving the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The UN SDG is a bold global agenda helping the world move beyond traditional indicators such as GDP growth and per capita income to a broader set of objectives that include well-being, environmental sustainability, and social fairness. The responsibility to contribute — and the new possibilities for doing so — is resonating with more and more individuals and organizations. How can your organization determine its involvement level and measure its results?

In this on-demand Cutter webinar, Whynde Kuehn discusses how organizations can leverage business architecture to support the UN’s SDGs. You will learn how to determine which SDGs are relevant to your organization, thereby aligning motivation with action, and how to set internal objectives and metrics to help your organization achieve its desired level of contribution. Furthermore, you will explore how to leverage business architecture across organizational boundaries to facilitate collaboration on SDG achievement.
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Business Architecture: An Enabler to Achieving the SDGs

This article describes the benefits of contribut­ing to the SDGs and explores how business architecture can help organizations identify ways to contribute to them — and measure the impact in doing so. It also explores how we can leverage business architecture across individuals and organizations, bringing them together for the greater good.

Business Architecture For Non-Profits and Smaller Organizations (SlideShare)

An overview of how business architecture applies to non-profit and smaller organizations, including a supporting case study.

Leveraging Business Architecture to Build a Sustainable and Resilient Organization

This SlideShare explores key concepts and principles of resilient and sustainable organizations and business ecosystems, using the natural world as our guide. It also explores how business and enterprise architecture can be leveraged to build resilient and sustainable organizations, focusing on their role in assessment, design and transformation to future state.
Diagram showing four quadrants  showing concepts from nature and how business architecture can utilize these principles

Big Ideas From Nature: How Business Architecture can Help Build Resilient Organizations

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Quadrant diagram showing profit, non-profit, traditional and social initiative sectors

Business Is Evolving: The Coexistence Of Purpose & Profit

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Architecting For Good

Learn ways to leverage business architecture to give back and help organizations operate with purpose and sustainability.
Four quadrants showing how business architecture can reduce siloed mindsets and increase productivity in the organization

How Business Architecture Breaks Down And Bridges Silos

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Diagram showing how business architecture enables organizational sustainability

Business Architecture Enables Organizational Sustainability

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