Sustainability & SDGs

Diagram showing four quadrants  showing concepts from nature and how business architecture can utilize these principles

Big Ideas From Nature: How Business Architecture can Help Build Resilient Organizations

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Quadrant diagram showing profit, non-profit, traditional and social initiative sectors

Business Is Evolving: The Coexistence Of Purpose & Profit

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Architecting For Good

Learn ways to leverage business architecture to give back and help organizations operate with purpose and sustainability.
Four quadrants showing how business architecture can reduce siloed mindsets and increase productivity in the organization

How Business Architecture Breaks Down And Bridges Silos

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Diagram showing how business architecture enables organizational sustainability

Business Architecture Enables Organizational Sustainability

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Diagram illustrating how business architecture helps support SDGs

How Business Architecture Helps Achieve Sustainable Development Goals

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A Pathway To The Future For All: How Business Architecture Can Help Us Achieve Sustainable Development Goals

This installment of StraightTalk explores how business architecture can be used as a framework to help us achieve goals for sustainability and doing good for people and the planet.
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Mind The Gap: How Business Architecture Breaks Down and Bridges Silos

Silos are in many ways just inherently human, but unchecked, they can become detrimental to an organization’s success. Business architecture is uniquely qualified to break down and bridge silos, as this installment explores.
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Guiding the Adoption of Artificial Intelligence With Business Design

Senior leaders are feeling the push from shareholders to continue driving their organizations forward, but is AI the answer? Just because AI is front-page news, is it right for your organization? Are the implications truly understood? These questions and more are crucial for leaders as the AI evolution continues to shape the next wave of work. Clearly, AI will profoundly transform our lives in the years ahead. Finding the balance between opportunity and implications is key to our success as well as to our future.

This executive report, written by industry thought leaders Whynde Kuehn and Mike Clark, explores these opportunities and implications, discusses how business design can be a crucial guide for AI, and provides key recommendations for moving into action.

Evolving the Organizational DNA, Part 1: How Business Architecture Can Enable Organizational Sustainability

This installment of StraightTalk is the first in a series that focuses on how business architecture can be used to catalyze, embed and enforce key sustainability, legal and ethical considerations into an organization’s DNA. Using business architecture in this way truly unlocks its value and power. First up in our series: how business architecture can enable organizational sustainability, so here goes.
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