Strategy Execution

Strategy Execution: What It Takes to Make Great Transformations

Effective strategy execution gives organizations the capacity to adapt and change, and it lies at the heart of successful transformations. This article describes what successful strategy execution looks like and how to move into action on the ideas.

Consultants Saying Things About Business Architecture

In this episode, the Consultants Saying Things cast (Chris Lockhart, Phil Yanov, Oliver Cronk, and Whynde Kuehn), unpack business architecture including:
- What the heck IS Business Architecture anyway?
- How is it practiced? What are the methods and frameworks?
- What benefits does it provide? Who in the company should care?
- What are good examples of Business Architecture practice? What are bad ones?
- How does Business Architecture relate to Enterprise Architecture?
- How can you, yes YOU, get started in Business Architecture either as an employee in a company or as a consultant?
diagram showing Strategy-to-Execution Related Team Involvement

Strategy To Execution & Related Team Involvement

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Detailed illustration showing graphic recording style for business architecture concepts

Leveraging Business Architecture to Translate Strategy Into Action (graphic recording version)

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The Strategy Execution Metanoia: A New Approach for Translating Strategy Into Action With Business Architecture

In today’s highly competitive business environment where constant change is the new normal, the imperative for unified business direction has never been more important. Yet all-too-many enterprises have siloed business practices. These isolated business units, product lines, or other organizational constructs hamstring strategic execution that in turn leads to sub-optimal customer experiences, expensive redundancy, increased time to market and reduced competitiveness. What if strategy execution were approached from an enterprise perspective instead of in silos? This essential white paper explores business architecture as a means to integrated business direction that is collectively architected, prioritized and planned from a business-driven, top-down approach. Original Publish Date: 30 April 2017

Turning Strategy Into Reality Keynote

Effective strategy execution – the ability to define clear intent and translate it into organized effort – is at the heart of business transformation and the agility that organizations need to thrive in a digital and uncertain future. In this keynote during the February 2024 SAP NextGeneration EA Forum, Whynde Kuehn describes how organizations can strengthen their capacity for cohesive, end-to-end strategy execution, powered by business architecture.

Digital Transformation Takes a Village

Digital transformation is a metamorphic change for an organization. It requires every business function/discipline and role to have a holistic understanding of where the organization is, where it is going, and how it will get there – and how their role uniquely contributes to the outcomes. This article describes a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to successful transformation.

The Voices of Women In Architecture: BIL-T Conference Compilation

This is a special compilation of talks delivered by architecture leaders during the Women In Architecture (WIA) Takes Over BIL-T conference held on the 16-17 November 2023, hosted and powered by Iasa Global.

Architect Tomorrow: Strategy to Reality

In this episode of Architect Tomorrow, Oliver Cronk, Lisa Woodall, and Catherine Pratt sit down with the business architecture leader and author, Whynde Kuehn, to discuss her book Strategy to Reality and the wealth of experience the panel brings in transformation using business architecture.
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Connecting Architecture to Data for Intelligent Strategy Execution

In this webinar, Asif Gill and Whynde Kuehn share and connect insights from their books, Adaptive Enterprise Architecture as Information and Strategy to Reality respectively.
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