Strategy Execution

Business Architecture and the Strategy Journey: A Fireside Chat With Julie Choo (Audio Version)

Iterative diagram comprised of five models

Problem Solving With The Strategy Journey Framework

Download the graphic below titled Problem Solving With The Strategy Journey Framework in PDF or PNG format.
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Practical Business Architecture

A short talk by business architecture industry thought leader Whynde Kuehn given at the Intersection20 conference on why and how can business architecture be leveraged within an enterprise design context.
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The Composable Business: Business Architecture as an Organization’s Common Business Components

What’s a composable business? Composable means modularity. This installment of StraightTalk describes why modularity is beneficial to organizations and how business architecture serves as THE common, reusable business components for an organization.
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Network diagram showing enabling capabilities connections with products and applications

Products As Seen Through the Business Architecture Lens

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Partners In Change: How Change Management and Business Architecture Work Together

This installment of StraightTalk explores the topic of organizational change management and how it works together with business architecture, guest starring Ken Williams.
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Diagram showing alignment of business architecture and organizational change management

Organizational Change Management Across Strategy Execution

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Enabling Strategy Execution: An Executive Perspective

This video from the Business Architecture Guild(R), presented by Co-Founders Whynde Kuehn and William Ulrich, articulates the role of business architecture in strategy execution. This 10-minute video provides inspiration and ideas for making the case and is also suitable to be shared directly with executives and other non-business architecture professionals.
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Business Architecture and Strategy Execution

Explore how business architecture can be leveraged to enable effective end-to-end strategy execution, leading to organizational agility and competitiveness.

10-Minutes with Ken Williams: How Change Management and Business Architecture Work Together to Help Organizations