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Let’s Get This Party Started: How to Start a Business Architecture Practice

Knowing what business architecture is: Check.
Knowing why we do it: Check.
Knowing where it fits within the strategy execution life cycle: Double Check. Knowing where to start: Not so much.

Starting business architecture within an organization can be a fairly organic process, but there are a proven set of steps to follow.
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The Strategy Execution Metanoia: Translating Strategy Into Action With Business Architecture

“Houston, we have a problem.” “Uh, this is Houston. Uh, say again please.” We have a strategy execution problem. Remember that whole deal in Post No. 2 about how constant change is the new normal as customer expectations increase and the external environment evolves at an escalating pace? That means the ability for organizations to get their ideas—things like strategies, transformations, innovations and regulatory changes—into action has never been more important than it is right now.
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Start With Why: The Value of Business Architecture

Why should we do business architecture? Good one. That’s the million-dollar question. Simon Sinek says, “Start With Why.” A big part of the answer is not just why business architecture is so important, but why it is so important now, so we’ll start there.
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The Unexplained Mystery of Business Architecture: What is Business Architecture

According to the Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations (FEAPO), “Business Architecture represents holistic, multidimensional business views of: capabilities, end-to-end value delivery, information, and organizational structure; and the relationships among these business views and strategies, products, policies, initiatives, and stakeholders.”
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