Business Architect Strengths Study

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Business Architect Strengths: A First-of-its-Kind Global Study

The Business Architect Strengths Study is an actionable report intended for the business architect interested in maximizing performance and demonstrating unparalleled value within their organization.

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What is the Business Architect Strengths Study?

The Business Architects Strengths Study was conducted by Whynde Kuehn, an experienced business architecture practitioner and globally recognized thought leader, and Pete Cafarchio, a certified coach by the International Coach Federation as well as a Certified Strengths Champion. Business architecture practitioners from 15 countries participated in the study, with a broad range of business architecture experience, responsibilities, perspectives, and personalities. The study derives insights on the business architect role and job satisfaction based on two principal inputs: Gallup CliftonStrengths® Full 34 report and business architects' response to an in-depth questionnaire.

Why did we initiate the study?

We’ve seen that there are similarities across business architects worldwide and furthermore, we believe they have unique ways of thinking, working, and contributing that set them apart from others. There is very little information currently available on the human side of business architecture or business architects, let alone research backed by data. We initiated this global, data-based Business Architect Strengths Study to discover and share insights that can help business architects most effectively leverage their strengths for maximum impact.

Who will benefit from the study?

Our study is primarily targeted towards business architecture practitioners and their executive leaders, though it is also highly valuable for hiring managers, human resources associations, universities, industry professional associations, and other interested stakeholders. The study can be leveraged to:

  • Explain, advocate for, and maximize the unique perspectives and strengths that business architects bring to the table.
  • Provide a common language to talk about the strengths of business architects as well as their collaboration with others.
  • Identify areas for personal leadership development.
  • Inform the formalization of the business architect role and competencies.
  • Give further credence to the distinctive role and discipline of business architecture.

Watch the 3-minute video

Which package is right for me?

The Business Architect Strengths Study is offered in three different packages to meet your specific business needs and objectives:

A Strength Report Package

Includes the full, detailed Business Architect Strengths Study report with these valuable bonuses:

  • An executive summary, ideal for sharing with business architecture executive leaders
  • An on-demand webinar that unpacks the key findings and takeaways from the study (28-minute runtime)
  • A Business Architecture Value Assessment tool to help you position your practice for success

B Report Plus Coaching Package

Includes the full contents of the Strengths Report package plus an exclusive, tailored 90-minute coaching session for you and your team. Coaching includes:

  • Debriefing the results of your Business Architecture Value Assessment
  • Unpacking the insights in the Business Architect Strengths Study that apply to your organization
  • Addressing specific questions in a Q&A format

C Coaching Only

Already purchased the Strengths Report, but now realize you need the coaching too? No problem! We got you covered. You can get the tailored 90-minute coaching session à la carte. This package is exclusively for you and your team to debrief the results of your Business Architecture Value Assessment, unpack the insights in the Business Architect Strengths Study that apply to your organization and address questions in a Q&A format.

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