The Essential Business Architecture Starter Pack

Learn the core concepts of business architecture with this collection of white papers that simplify and break down the essentials from end-to-end.
Four quadrants showing how business architecture can reduce siloed mindsets and increase productivity in the organization

How Business Architecture Breaks Down And Bridges Silos

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Visual table featuring quick-win ideas brought to you by business architecture

Business Architecture Quick-Win Ideas

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Colorful table showing how business architecture can be used to leverage enterprise decisions

Common Ways of Leveraging Business Architecture For Enterprise Decision Making

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Detailed illustration showing graphic recording style for business architecture concepts

Leveraging Business Architecture to Translate Strategy Into Action (graphic recording version)

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Flow-style diagram showing changes on value stream, capabilities and business architecture

Using Business Architecture for Impact Assessment

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Chevron diagram illustrating enterprise level strategy-to-exeuction

Enterprise Level Strategy To Execution

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diagram showing organization shifts in organizational mindset

What It Means To Shift The Organizational Mindset

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The Secret: What Business Architecture Is Really About and Why It Can Be So Hard

What is business architecture really about? And why can it be so hard for others to understand its value and see what business architects see? This installment of StraightTalk aims to provide some context for what happens to many of us on a daily basis and why. The ideas shared here are just a start and should be considered as the beginning of a conversation for us to come together around messaging and a movement that can help fuel the adoption of business architecture.
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Mind The Gap: How Business Architecture Breaks Down and Bridges Silos

Silos are in many ways just inherently human, but unchecked, they can become detrimental to an organization’s success. Business architecture is uniquely qualified to break down and bridge silos, as this installment explores.
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