Initiative Planning

Detailed illustration showing graphic recording style for business architecture concepts

Leveraging Business Architecture to Translate Strategy Into Action (graphic recording version)

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The Composable Business: Business Architecture as an Organization’s Common Business Components

What’s a composable business? Composable means modularity. This installment of StraightTalk describes why modularity is beneficial to organizations and how business architecture serves as THE common, reusable business components for an organization.
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Network diagram showing enabling capabilities connections with products and applications

Products As Seen Through the Business Architecture Lens

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Crystal Clear – How To Translate Strategy With Business Architecture

This installment of StraightTalk explores how business architecture can be leveraged to translate strategy into initiatives, including the how-to and the benefits.
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Pie shaped chart showing four benefits of using business architecture

Four Benefits of Translating Strategy Into Initiatives Using Business Architecture

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Table diagram showing how strategy is translated into initiatives

Translating Strategy Into Initiatives With Business Architecture

Download the graphic below titled Translating Strategy Into Initiatives With Business Architecture in PDF or PNG format. Revised: 2 December 2022.
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Table with business-architecture-in-action descriptions

Business Architecture In Action: Project and Application Portfolio management Decision At-A-Glance

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Diagram showing the sources of change in an organization

Sources of Change Within The Organization

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Guiding Initiative Prioritization and Planning

Explore how business architecture can be leveraged to guide initiative prioritization and planning.
Funnel shaped diagram illustrating value stream and capability impact analysis

Scoping Initiatives From An Enterprise Perspective With Business Architecture

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