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Outside-In, Inside-Out: How Customer Experience Design and Business Architecture Work Together

This installment of StraightTalk focuses on the topic of customer experience design and explores what it is, why it is important, and how it fits hand-in-hand with business architecture.
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Customer Journey & Business Architecture Alignment

Download the graphic below titled Customer Journey & Business Architecture Alignment in PDF or PNG format.
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How Business Architecture and Customer Experience Design Work Together

Krishan Jogia and Fran Mether of Evolve & Amplify, a problem-solving advisory firm, share their unique perspectives with Whynde Kuehn on customer experience (CX) design with an emphasis on the nexus between business architecture and CX.

Practical Business Architecture

A short talk by business architecture industry thought leader Whynde Kuehn given at the Intersection20 conference on why and how can business architecture be leveraged within an enterprise design context.

Guiding the Adoption of Artificial Intelligence With Business Design (SlideShare)

This SlideShare overview by Whynde Kuehn and Mike Clark explores the opportunities and implications for artificial intelligence, discusses how business design can be a crucial guide for AI, and provides key recommendations for moving into action. 
Four quadrants showing how business architecture can reduce siloed mindsets and increase productivity in the organization

How Business Architecture Breaks Down And Bridges Silos

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Diagram representing relationship between business architecture and customer experience

Business Architecture and Customer Experience

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Mind The Gap: How Business Architecture Breaks Down and Bridges Silos

Silos are in many ways just inherently human, but unchecked, they can become detrimental to an organization’s success. Business architecture is uniquely qualified to break down and bridge silos, as this installment explores.
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Business Architecture for Superior CX Design

This on-demand webinar reveals how, through the combination of business architecture and customer experience design, organizations can gain more insight into where and how to align and transform their business models so they can focus on the ongoing needs of their customers while driving organizational efficiencies.

This webinar is published by Cutter Consortium and was selected as one of the Top Intriguing Business & Enterprise Architecture Articles / Videos for 2018.

Left Brain Meet Right Brain—The Connection Between Business Architecture and Customer Experience

Get ready for a great StraightTalk installment. In this installment, we explore a topic that everyone wants to know about in this age of organizational transformation — customer experience.
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