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Episode 3: Business Architecture Meets Sustainability: Transitioning Towards a Circular Economy (Part I)

This webinar, hosted and facilitated by Daniel Simon of Across and Ahead, features Business Architecture expert Whynde Kuehn, Circular Economy expert Cathrine Barth, and Sustainability expert Daniel Obst in the first of two conversations on how organizations to build towards a circular economy.
Table showing business model actions and the role of business archtitects

Business Model Actions And The Role Of Business Architects

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Business Models Through the Business Architecture Looking Glass – Creating and Using Business Models from a Business Architecture Perspective

This installment of StraightTalk is a business architecture take on business models, which explores what it means to leverage business models using a business architecture mindset as well as the role and value of business architects in creating and using business models.
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Leveraging Business Architecture to Build a Sustainable and Resilient Organization

This SlideShare explores key concepts and principles of resilient and sustainable organizations and business ecosystems, using the natural world as our guide. It also explores how business and enterprise architecture can be leveraged to build resilient and sustainable organizations, focusing on their role in assessment, design and transformation to future state.
Four quadrants showing how business architecture can reduce siloed mindsets and increase productivity in the organization

How Business Architecture Breaks Down And Bridges Silos

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Diagram showing how business architecture enables organizational sustainability

Business Architecture Enables Organizational Sustainability

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Detailed diagram showing relationship between capabilities and value streams as connectors for organizations

Capabilities & Value Streams As Connectors For Organizations & Ecosystems

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Architecting Ecosystems with Business Architecture

Amidst the backdrop of a digital, globally connected world and the evolution of the very purpose of the firm, organizations are beginning to rethink and shift their mindsets and structures from shareholder focus to stakeholder focus, from profit-driven to value-driven, and from competing as an organization to thriving as a key part of ecosystems. With this future trajectory in mind, this article provides an overview of the essential role business architecture plays in defining, designing, implementing, and managing business ecosystems, along with examples of where this concept is emerging in practice.

Mind The Gap: How Business Architecture Breaks Down and Bridges Silos

Silos are in many ways just inherently human, but unchecked, they can become detrimental to an organization’s success. Business architecture is uniquely qualified to break down and bridge silos, as this installment explores.
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Evolving the Organizational DNA, Part 1: How Business Architecture Can Enable Organizational Sustainability

This installment of StraightTalk is the first in a series that focuses on how business architecture can be used to catalyze, embed and enforce key sustainability, legal and ethical considerations into an organization’s DNA. Using business architecture in this way truly unlocks its value and power. First up in our series: how business architecture can enable organizational sustainability, so here goes.
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