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Business Architecture Straight Talk: 100 Insights to Guide the Journey

Download the PDF containing a compilation of 100 short insights to guide our business architecture journey.
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Consultants Saying Things About Architecture and Consulting

This episode of Consultants Saying Things features leading experts discussing business/enterprise architecture through the lens of consulting.
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Business Architecture - The Evolution, Onward and Upward Path from a Renowned Global Leader

Amrutha Suresh, Founder of Forewomen, interviews Whynde Kuehn on her journey, the history and evolution of business architecture, and what the future holds for the discipline.
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Strategy Execution: An Incomplete Component of Business Education

The MBA Roundtable and the Business Architecture Guild® developed a short survey designed to better understand how strategy execution is taught in business graduate programs.  This whitepaper by Dr. Brian Cameron and Whynde Kuehn discusses the findings and recommended next steps.

How Effective is Enterprise Architecture? (2022)

In this mashup of architecture industry leaders, they have a straight talk conversation on the effectiveness of architecture and how to build bridges across different perspectives in order to deliver more value to organizations. The discussion is hosted by Oliver Cronk (Architect Tomorrow) and includes Whynde Kuehn, Chris Lockhart, Chris Potts, Paul Preiss, and Phil Yanov.

This conversation is the first of a series that will occur in 2022, with representatives from podcasts including Business Architecture StraightTalk, The Argument, Architect Tomorrow, Consultants Saying Things, and Tech After Five.
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Developing the Next Generation of Architects

In this thought-provoking conversation facilitated by Darryl Carr, Architecture Industry Leaders Whynde Kuehn and Paul Preiss dialog on how the combined experience of thousands of practitioners can be used to help inform the next generation of architects as they take on an accelerating pace of change.

This conversation was recorded during the November 2021 BILT conference on Architecture of Tomorrow, sponsored by IASA Global.
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Survey: Business Architecture Non-Negotiables

Download the graphic below titled Survey: Business Architecture Non-Negotiables in PDF or PNG format.
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The Argument: Better Architecture Everyday

Originally published by Iasa Global, Founder Paul Preiss moderates an off-the-cuff discussion with two prominent leaders in architecture transformation and leadership – Whynde Kuehn and Eva Kammerfors. This engaging podcast covers how to create a true business-impacting architecture practice, how to become a transformational chief architect, and how to help organizations manage change in the context of a dynamic business environment. Topics include qualities of bringing architects together, shared interactions between business and solution architects, and how to grow a practice that delivers on the promise of digital.

Business Architecture Practice Leader Series – Jake Walker (9 of 9)

Business architecture thought leader Whynde Kuehn interviews Jake Walker, head of the business architecture practice at T. Rowe Price, a leading global investment firm managing over 1.5 trillion USD in client assets. Whynde and Jake discuss the value of business architecture, its unique role in business transformation, and how to build a successful practice in the organization.

Business Architecture Practice Leader Series – Steven Scott (8 of 9)

Steven Scott, Director of Business Architecture at US-based multinational software company Autodesk, joins thought leader Whynde Kuehn on the value of business architecture, its unique role in business transformation, and how to build a successful practice in the organization.