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The Business Architecture Playbook: How to Build Your Business Architecture Methodology

As your business architecture team grows and as demand for your business architecture services increases, at some point you may want to seriously consider creating a business architecture playbook. While many teams are not even aware of what a business architecture playbook is, they often experience the challenges that can occur when one is lacking as the discipline scales within their organization.

This installment will break down the what, the why, and the how of building a business architecture playbook, in the usual StraightTalk style.
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Sequential diagram showing the steps to creating a business architecture playbook

How to Build a Business Architecture Playbook

Download the graphic below titled How to Build a Business Architecture Playbook in PDF or PNG format.
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Illustrative diagram showing seven demonstrable ways business architects can be successful

The Ways Of Working (WOWs) For A Successful Business Architect

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Node diagram representing alignment points of business and EA frameworks

Aligning Business Architecture & Enterprise Architecture Frameworks

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Be the Change: Disrupting Business Architecture

There is a growing body of evidence that points to what makes a business architecture team successful. This article shares a few characteristics that encapsulate how successful business architecture practitioners think and act.

The Business Architect Imperative: Showing Up With Wow

As a newer role on the scene, working in a business world ubiquitous with design, digital, agile and other emerging concepts, the way we show up as business architects matters a lot. Because everything we do and say demonstrates to others what business architecture really is, and we need to be relevant and distinguish ourselves. The success of a business architect then is not just in what we know or what we do — but in our Ways of Working (WOWs), which this installment of StraightTalk explores.
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10-Minutes with Bryan Lail & Steve DuPont: Alignment of the TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Framework with the BIZBOK® Guide

Whynde Kuehn, S2E Transformation founder, interviews two leading business architecture practitioners, Bryan Lail and Steve DuPont (both Certified Business Architects® from the Business Architecture Guild®), on key aspects about the TOGAF®–BIZBOK® Guide alignment.

The Stars Are Aligning: Business Architecture and Enterprise Architecture Framework Alignment

StraightTalk focuses on business architecture, but we know that our discipline is part of a larger entity — the enterprise architecture (EA) umbrella. As a result, a strong partnership among every one of the architecture disciplines is critical for all of our success — and for the success of our organizations. This installment highlights the notable progress made so far by the Business Architecture Workstream, within the Open Group Architecture Forum, to align the TOGAF® enterprise architecture framework with the BIZBOK® Guide.
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