Maturity Assessments

The Business Architecture Practice: A Practical Approach to Establish and Mature Your Internal Practice

Designed for business architecture practice leaders and business architecture practitioners, this essential white paper provides a pragmatic perspective on how to establish and mature a business architecture practice. Original Publish Date: 21 February 2017
Circular diagram showing three primary components of business architecture

Business Architecture Practice Components

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The Essential Business Architecture Starter Pack

Learn the core concepts of business architecture with this collection of white papers that simplify and break down the essentials from end-to-end.
Illustration of a mountain showing ascent routes that represent an architect's journey

Business Architecture Summit Diagram

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Table illustrating the BAMM with dots representing current state, next horizon, etc.

Business Architecture Maturity Model® (BAMM®)

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Diagram representing roadmap path for business architecture practice

Business Architecture Practice Roadmap

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The Business Architecture Summit: A Vision For Business Architecture Practice Maturity and How To Get There

Having a clear vision of what we are working towards is essential to guide and inspire any journey, so in this installment of StraightTalk, we explore a concept for what it means to be a mature business architecture practice, and how to get there. In other words, if we climb this business architecture mountain, what’s at the top and what are we to expect along the way?
StraightTalk Post

Defining a "Mature" Business Architecture Practice

This article summarizes the key characteristics of a mature business architecture practice within an organization.

The Business Architecture Summit: Lessons from the Mountain

Establishing business architecture within an organization takes passion, persistence, and patience. Inspired by over a decade and a half of helping organizations to mature their practices — combined with personal mountaineering experiences — this article shares a few lessons for conquering the “business architecture summit” using mountains as metaphor.

Conquering The Business Architecture Summit — Lessons from the Mountain for Establishing a Business Architecture Practice

In this engaging white paper, Whynde Kuehn, thought leader and accomplished climber, applies metaphors of mountaineering and a formidable mountain to articulate the vision of what is possible with business architecture and shares wisdom on how to achieve success.