Value Stream Mapping

The Value Mindset: Demystifying the Business Architecture Value Stream

This installment of StraightTalk demystifies what a business architecture value stream is and is not, and breaks it all down StraightTalk-style.
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Business origami example

Settle Claim Value Stream – Origami Style

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Value stream representation with an explanation of what business architecture value streams are and are not

An Overview of Business Architecture Value Streams

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Overcoming Cognitive Dissonance: Crucial Business Architecture Topics for Bridge Building

There are topics that can make us scratch our business architecture heads. This installment of StraightTalk explores a few of them with the intent of creating clarity and understanding so that we can come together and move forward.
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Progressive chevrons showing business architecture baseline and expanded activities

Building and Expanding the Business Architecture Baseline

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Table diagram showing how strategy is translated into initiatives

Translating Strategy Into Initiatives With Business Architecture

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Network diagram showing relationship of business objects throughout business and IT architecture

Business Objects Are Ubiquitous Throughout Business & IT Architecture

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Comparative table showing building versus using business architecture

Comparing Building Vs. Using Business Architecture

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Building the Business Architecture Baseline

Get simple guidance on how to create a successsful, scalable and industry-aligned business architecture baseline.
Diagram that breaks down key stakeholder domain relationships

Key Stakeholder Domain Relationships

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