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The SAFe Bet: Your Top-10 FAQs Answered About Business Architecture and Scaled Agile Framework

This installment of StraightTalk addresses the top-10 Frequently Asked Questions about business architecture and SAFe with Guest Star Jo Gilmore.
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10-Minutes With Jo Gilmore: 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Business Architecture and SAFe


The Enterprise Advocate: How Business Architecture Brings Clarity to Customers and Products

In order to compete and operate effectively, an organization must have clarity on who their customers are and what products they offer – and this must be consistently understood by every person so they know who they are serving and how they fit within the bigger picture. An organization’s business architecture is front and center to providing this clarity, which is what we explore throughout this installment of StraightTalk.
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Business Architecture In Action For Product Management — How Business Architecture Enables Better Product Investment, Planning and Solutions

In this installment of StraightTalk, we take a look at business architecture in action for common business scenarios, this time with a focus on product management.
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A Map of the World, Part 2: Back to School With Mapping the Extended Business Architecture

Back to business architecture school one more time. In our last installment, we talked about how to map out (a.k.a write down) the “core” business architecture that included capabilities, value streams, organization and information. Here in this installment, we’re going to talk about mapping the “extended” business architecture domains.
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