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Network diagram showing relationship of business objects throughout business and IT architecture

Business Objects Are Ubiquitous Throughout Business & IT Architecture

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Building the Business Architecture Baseline

Get simple guidance on how to create a successsful, scalable and industry-aligned business architecture baseline.

Accelerating Business Architecture: Leveraging Tools

Organizations that desire to leverage business architecture for transformation, better strategy execution, or various types of decision making need to build their business architecture knowledgebase first before they can fully benefit from the discipline. This is part three of a three-part series of articles that describe how to accelerate the development of an organization’s business architecture. This article focuses on leveraging tools.
Node diagram representing alignment points of business and EA frameworks

Aligning Business Architecture & Enterprise Architecture Frameworks

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Quadrant diagram representing business architecture knowledgebase criteria

Business Architecture Knowledgebase Criteria

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Hit the Ground Running! Business Architecture Development

This Cutter Consortium report describes how business architecture professionals can accelerate the development of their organization’s business architecture. Learn how to build the knowledgebase in an efficient way, leverage reference models that help jumpstart the business architecture, and utilize tools that enable scale and robust usage of the knowledgebase across the organization. By leveraging solid business architecture know-how, practitioners will be fully equipped to deliver business value across the entire strategy execution lifecycle. 

10-Minutes with Bryan Lail & Steve DuPont: Alignment of the TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Framework with the BIZBOK® Guide

Whynde Kuehn, S2E Transformation founder, interviews two leading business architecture practitioners, Bryan Lail and Steve DuPont (both Certified Business Architects® from the Business Architecture Guild®), on key aspects about the TOGAF®–BIZBOK® Guide alignment.

The Stars Are Aligning: Business Architecture and Enterprise Architecture Framework Alignment

StraightTalk focuses on business architecture, but we know that our discipline is part of a larger entity — the enterprise architecture (EA) umbrella. As a result, a strong partnership among every one of the architecture disciplines is critical for all of our success — and for the success of our organizations. This installment highlights the notable progress made so far by the Business Architecture Workstream, within the Open Group Architecture Forum, to align the TOGAF® enterprise architecture framework with the BIZBOK® Guide.
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Speedy Business Architecture, Part 2 — Accelerating Business Architecture Development With Tools

In this installment of StraightTalk, we talk about how we can leverage tools for accelerating the development of a business architecture knowledgebase.
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