Business Model Canvas

Table showing business model actions and the role of business archtitects

Business Model Actions And The Role Of Business Architects

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Business Models Through the Business Architecture Looking Glass – Creating and Using Business Models from a Business Architecture Perspective

This installment of StraightTalk is a business architecture take on business models, which explores what it means to leverage business models using a business architecture mindset as well as the role and value of business architects in creating and using business models.
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Zig-saw puzzle diagram representing business model canvas building blocks & business architecture domains

Relationship Between Business Model Canvas Building Blocks & Business Architecture Domains

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The Canvas Awaits — How Business Models and Business Architecture Fit Together

Get ready for some StraightTalk on a topic we all love: business models. In this installment, we talk about what they are and how they are BFF (Best Friends Forever) with business architecture.
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5-Minutes with Linda Finley: How Business Models Work with Business Architecture

Whynde Kuehn interviews Linda Finley for a look at business models and the important role they play in business architecture.