diagram showing Strategy-to-Execution Related Team Involvement

Strategy To Execution & Related Team Involvement

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Business Architecture Integration: Integrating Business Architecture Into The Enterprise

This essential white paper provides a simplified and consolidated summary of how business architecture interacts with a common set of teams within an organization, reflective of the most recent industry advancements and consensus. This work also offers an overview of how to perform business architecture integration activities with other teams. Original Publish Date: 31 May 2017
bar chart showing business architecture partnership distribution

Survey: Business Architecture Partnerships

Download the graphic below titled Survey: Business Architecture Partnerships in PDF or PNG format.
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Business Architecture: Key Enabler for Strategy Execution Redux

This article explores opportunities for strategy execution, the role of business architecture and the resulting benefits, collaboration with other teams, and some steps we can take to move into action.

The Essential Business Architecture Starter Pack

Learn the core concepts of business architecture with this collection of white papers that simplify and break down the essentials from end-to-end.
Pathway diagram showing execution plan using business architecture

Creating Cohesive Strategy Execution Enabled through Business Architecture

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Circular diagram representing business architecture team interaction

Business Architecture Team Interaction

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Living The Dream: How to Integrate Business Architecture With Strategy Execution

This marks the 50th installment of StraightTalk, and we’re returning to our roots. Waaay back in Post No. 3, we introduced a new vision for strategy execution and explored how business architecture could help to enable it. We called it the Strategy Execution Metanoia, because a metanoia is a transformational moment – when you see the world in a different way and can’t go back.
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Business Architecture: Dispelling Twelve Common Myths

This white paper by leading industry experts provides a brief introduction to business architecture, describes and dispels twelve commonly held misconceptions or myths, and gives a glimpse of the future Revised: January 2019

Cornerstones of a Business Architecture Practice

Whether driven by top-down mandate or won through demonstrated bottom-up success, there is a point when business architecture achieves “enough” acceptance within an organization to formalize an internal practice. While there are many steps to take throughout the journey of establishing and maturing a business architecture practice, this article discusses the four cornerstones that when put into place, can accelerate the process and create significant clarity.