Enterprise Architecture

The Evolution of Business Architecture and the Opportunity For Enterprise Architecture

In her article, featured within the Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal (EAPJ) Volume VII July 2023, Whynde Kuehn describes the recent advancements and strategic positioning of business architecture, and the opportunities this provides for the entire enterprise architecture discipline.

How Effective is Enterprise Architecture? (2022)

In this mashup of architecture industry leaders, they have a straight talk conversation on the effectiveness of architecture and how to build bridges across different perspectives in order to deliver more value to organizations. The discussion is hosted by Oliver Cronk (Architect Tomorrow) and includes Whynde Kuehn, Chris Lockhart, Chris Potts, Paul Preiss, and Phil Yanov.

This conversation is the first of a series that will occur in 2022, with representatives from podcasts including Business Architecture StraightTalk, The Argument, Architect Tomorrow, Consultants Saying Things, and Tech After Five.

The Composable Business: Business Architecture as an Organization’s Common Business Components

What’s a composable business? Composable means modularity. This installment of StraightTalk describes why modularity is beneficial to organizations and how business architecture serves as THE common, reusable business components for an organization.
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Network diagram showing enabling capabilities connections with products and applications

Products As Seen Through the Business Architecture Lens

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Table showing examples of how Leveraging business architecture can be used to technology-related decisions

Leveraging Business Architecture for Technology-Related Decisions

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Decisions, Decisions — The Technology Edition: How Business Architecture Facilitates Better Technology-Related Decisions

Business architecture is an excellent framework for informing decisions of all kinds. In this installment of StraightTalk, we explore just a few ideas for how business architecture can be leveraged to inform technology-related decisions, including technology assessment, selection, design, planning and management.
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Diagram showing business architecture traceability

Business Architecture Traceability Facilitates Ethics Transparency And Decision Making In Technology

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Network diagram showing relationship of business objects throughout business and IT architecture

Business Objects Are Ubiquitous Throughout Business & IT Architecture

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Funnel shaped diagram illustrating value stream and capability impact analysis

Scoping Initiatives From An Enterprise Perspective With Business Architecture

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Four quadrants showing how business architecture can reduce siloed mindsets and increase productivity in the organization

How Business Architecture Breaks Down And Bridges Silos

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