diagram showing Strategy-to-Execution Related Team Involvement

Strategy To Execution & Related Team Involvement

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Business Architecture Integration: Integrating Business Architecture Into The Enterprise

This essential white paper provides a simplified and consolidated summary of how business architecture interacts with a common set of teams within an organization, reflective of the most recent industry advancements and consensus. This work also offers an overview of how to perform business architecture integration activities with other teams. Original Publish Date: 31 May 2017

The Evolution of Business Architecture and the Opportunity For Enterprise Architecture

In her article, featured within the Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal (EAPJ) Volume VII July 2023, Whynde Kuehn describes the recent advancements and strategic positioning of business architecture, and the opportunities this provides for the entire enterprise architecture discipline.

Value of Business Architecture

Laura Brandenburg, a recognized global leader helping business analysts with their careers, interviews Whynde Kuehn on business architecture, the value of the business architect role in an organization, and what business analysts can do to pursue this as a career. See also the blog page at:
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A Comprehensive Approach to Strategy Execution

This white paper starts with a landmark Harvard Business Review article by Kaplan and Norton to revisit some important ideas in the history of strategy execution, shines a light on those ideas, and extends and reshapes them for the future with a stronger orientation around business architecture.

How Effective is Enterprise Architecture? (2022)

In this mashup of architecture industry leaders, they have a straight talk conversation on the effectiveness of architecture and how to build bridges across different perspectives in order to deliver more value to organizations. The discussion is hosted by Oliver Cronk (Architect Tomorrow) and includes Whynde Kuehn, Chris Lockhart, Chris Potts, Paul Preiss, and Phil Yanov.

This conversation is the first of a series that will occur in 2022, with representatives from podcasts including Business Architecture StraightTalk, The Argument, Architect Tomorrow, Consultants Saying Things, and Tech After Five.
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The People Perspective: How Organization Design and Business Architecture Work Together

This installment of StraightTalk explores how the disciplines of organization design and business architecture can work together. The discipline of organization design is critical for organizations, especially now, and there must be tight partnership and integration with business architecture.
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diagram showing business architecture benefits for organization design

Business Architecture Benefits for Organization Design

Download the graphic titled Business Architecture Benefits for Organization Design in PDF or PNG format.
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The SAFe Bet: Your Top-10 FAQs Answered About Business Architecture and Scaled Agile Framework

This installment of StraightTalk addresses the top-10 Frequently Asked Questions about business architecture and SAFe with Guest Star Jo Gilmore.
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10-Minutes With Jo Gilmore: 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Business Architecture and SAFe